The Quiet Botanist

Botanical Bon Bons


Limited edition botanical inspired Bon Bons.  

Wildflower Cups: Cacao shell filled with almond butter with a dose of cordyceps mushrooms, and sprinkled with edible wildflowers.

Blood Orange & Rose Petals Salted Caramels: Sweet & tangy blood orange infused caramel enrobed in rich dark chocolate and topped with organic rose petals.

Bee Pollen Honey Pies: Buttery roasted cashews spun with local honey to create a nut butter that is combined with caramel and even more luscious honey, all encased in rich white chocolate and topped with a sprinkling of bee pollen. 

Cornflower & Wildflower Turtles: Buttery roasted pecans and salted caramel enrobed in creamy milk chocolate and topped off with a selection of beautiful edible wildflowers. 

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