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Treat the beauty lovers in your life to the gift of clean beauty with limited edition gift sets from our favorite brands!

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Self Care

Nothing says self care like luxurious bath and body products. From handcrafted soaps to body oils with purifying ingredients from the ocean, Scout has everything you need in order to achieve the ultimate care for your body from the inside out.



Jenn Streicher

Jenn Streicher is one of the beauty industry’s most sought-after makeup artists. Known for her signature ability to accentuate a woman’s natural beauty, her longtime clients include Emily Blunt, Mandy Moore, Anne Hathaway and Greta Gerwig. The products that make it to SCOUT’s shelves have been hand-selected and vetted by Jenn personally. She will champion brands that are clean, sustainable and responsible and her years of real world and celebrity experience in the beauty industry have helped create a space filled with thoughtful, curated beauty products.

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With masterfully curated products that enhance and embrace natural beauty, SCOUT takes the guesswork out but never the joy of discovery.