La Bouche Rouge

Serum Lip Care Set


The Serum lip care set is a new skincare routine made out of an inseparable team. The Scrub, a natural micro-activating peel that exfoliates and smoothens your lips instantly, and the Night Serum ultra-concentrated in vegetable squalane and Vitamin E. A rich and hydrating formula that visibly reduces fine lines. A repairing treatment that instantly exfoliates and plumps your lips. The lip scrub and night serum should be used with your fine leather or vegan case.

How to Use:
The 7-day treatment for plump, smooth, hydrated lips.

Step 1: the Exfoliating Scrub

  • Apply by delicately massaging in a circular motion on the first and fourth day of the treatment for shapely, plump and smooth lips
  • The scrub gently removes dead skin, stimulates cell renewal and restores radiance to your lips

Step 2: the Night Serum

  • Apply the Night Serum in generous layers at the end of the day for 7 days
  • It acts during the night as an envelope to repair your lips and nourish them in depth
  • Thanks to the combination of Vitamin E and a powerful blend of cold-extracted natural oils, our serum firms your lips and reduces fine lines

It is the ideal treatment for preparing the lips before applying an ultra-pigmented lipstick or a touch of color for a natural nude look.

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