Flaunt by Lauren Napier

Flaunt Facial Cleansing Wipes

FLAUNT by LAUREN NAPIER protective and brightening facial cleansing wipes not only expunge makeup and impurities, but are formulated with Noni (rich in Vitamin C) to tackle adult acne, dark spots, and dry or rough skin. Selenium preserves skin’s elasticity. Lycopene shield skin from harmful UV rays, as well pore-clogging environmental pollution. Natural skin healers Guava and Vitamin K work together to stimulate collagen production while treating the look of dark circles, dullness and uneven skin. Perfect for complexions that need a reviving boost of nourishment and brighten properties. *Especially helpful in combating harsh UV and UVB rays brought on by excessive screen time. Keep desk side - every use is a luxurious experience for the skin.

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